Is CBD legal? Here’s the Latest Scoop

Cannabis-based compounds have earned recognition and acknowledgment in the past few years. All thanks to its therapeutic properties and the ability to beat medical conditions such as anxiety and pain

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Make Your Cannabis Last Longer With These Tips

Imagine having a stash of cannabis that never ends. Sounds great, right? And it can become a reality too. Well, to some extent. You can have a stash of cannabis that lasts for a long time if not fore

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cannabis Edible

Did Your Child Eat Edible Accidently? Here’s What You Should do

With more and more people getting an MMJ card in Riverside to manage their medical condition, one thing is pretty clear- cannabis is working great as a medicine. However, with this rise in the number

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Is There a Right Way to Use Cannabis For Sleep?

Sleep disorders are very common in the US. And when I say common, I’m referring to about 50-70 million adults. So, if you are tossing and turning all night and can’t get a hang on your sleep cycl

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