Q: Can I use my California medical card in other cities as well?

Apart from using your card in Riverside, this mmj card is valid for other Californian cities as well.

Q. How much medical marijuana can I possess with a medical card?

Under Prop 215, a patient with a medical marijuana card can possess 8 ounces of cannabis and can grow cannabis up to six mature or twelve immature plants.

Q. Can I sell my medicine?

Proposition 215 does not allow the sale of cannabis. However, SB 420 authorizes the legal caregivers and collective members like dispensaries to charge for the fees for growing medical marijuana for others on a nonprofit basis.

Q. Is it essential to be at least 18 years old to apply for the medical marijuana card in Riverside?

No, it is not essential. In case there is any legal guardian who signs a waiver for the minor you can apply for the card.

Q. Do I need a physician reference to apply for the medical card?

No, not at all! You will get a recommendation directly by the certified doctors from our online cannabis portal.