How Cannabis Can Help Manage Anxiety, Depression & More

In the past few years, patients with various mental disorders have shown interest in using marijuana, especially cannabidiol (CBD) products. There’s evidence that cannabis compounds can help boost

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Learn The Basic Facts About Medical Marijuana

Looking back, who would’ve believed that cannabis would become a much needed medical solution in healthcare by 2020. And millions of people across the world would depend on it to have a quality lif

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Rethinking Cannabis Use Post Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is a first for all of us. And since it took a hold of the world, things have changed to a great extent as a measure to avoid further spread. The cannabis industry is no less in

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Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About CBD

CBD and THC are the two main compounds that are found in the cannabis plants. While THC is known for being a psychoactive compound, CBD is known for mainly having medical values. But, there are a lot

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