Legalization of Cannabis

Top 4 Arguments Supporting the Legalization of Cannabis

Cannabis, as of now, is legal as a medicine in 33 states of the US. And out of these, 11 are recreational too. But at the federal level, the herb is still illegal. The MORE act was recently introduce

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Cannabis Discreetly

4 Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis Discreetly

An MMJ card Riverside surely allows you to buy and possess cannabis legally. But consuming the herb publicly may still not be a good idea. In fact, smoking cannabis, medical or not, in a public place

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Money With Cannabis

A Helpful Guide to Saving Money With Cannabis

Cannabis treatments can be a costly affair. With all the taxes and other extra charges, the inconvenience of driving to the dispensary and the expense of cannabis accessories, the overall bill can ri

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Meet THCP and CBDP, the New Cannabinoids on the Block

At present, scientists have managed to reveal the identity of more than 100 cannabinoids. The only difference is that most of them are either isolated for research or still under detection. While the

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